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As a planning agency, the Council is obsessed with the future. Although it is impossible to predict it, the Council endeavors to prepare the region with knowledge and tools that can be economically and efficiently employed to ensure that our electricity supply remains inexpensive, adequate, clean, and reliable. Read More

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FEB 10-11 : Council Meeting, Portland

FEB 12 : Resource Adequacy Advisory Meeting, Portland

FEB 25 : Pacific Northwest Demand Response Meeting, Portland

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Update on Redeveloping the Regional Portfolio Model

The Council's regional portfolio model is the primary tool it uses to compare the cost and risk of alternate resource strategies. It has been under redevelopment for the past several months to update its software and improve its transparency

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Keeping Up With Emerging Technologies

For generating and energy efficiency technologies that are promising, but not yet available commercially, the Council will estimate their future costs and potential in the region within the next 10-20 years. Because the cost and performance of these resources is more speculative, they won't be modeled in its resource portfolio model.

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Calculating the Environmental Costs and Benefits of Resources

One of the Council’s important tasks in revising its regional power plan is to develop a methodology to determine the environmental costs and benefits of resources. At its December meeting, the Council agreed on a methodology that it will use in developing its Seventh Power Plan.

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Seventh Power Plan Regional Load Forecast to Be Lower Than Sixth Plan's

Partly due to the prolonged recession and energy savings achieved since 2010, the draft plan's high load forecast for 2030 is about the same as the low forecast from the Council's Sixth Power Plan.

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Request for Comment on Draft Direct Use of Natural Gas Issue Paper

Whether it's better to use natural gas directly or to generate electricity for water heaters and space heating has been a longstanding question since the Council's first power plan.

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Timeline of Major Milestones