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Seventh Power Plan Update

Why We Plan For Uncertainty


The Council’s power plans begin with the premise that the future is uncertain and we can’t really predict what will happen. Managing that risk is central to the Council’s approach to resource planning. Read More

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DEC 9-10 : Council Meeting, Portland

DEC 17 : Conservation Resources Advisory Committee

DEC 18 : Generating Resources Advisory Committee

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Resource Strategies Advisory Committee Gets Down to Business

Last month, the committee discussed what issues the Seventh Power Plan should address, including carbon regulation, especially the EPA's proposed rules, 111(d) and 111(b), which seek to reduce carbon emissions from both new and existing energy resources.

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Progress to Redevelop Regional Portfolio Model on Schedule

The Council uses an integrated resource planning model, called the regional portfolio model, to identify adaptive, least-cost resource strategies for the region. In 2013, the Council decided to redevelop it to take advantage of current software technologies, provide increased accessibility to the model, and to prepare it for use in the Seventh Power Plan.

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The Impact of Plug-in Vehicles, Data Centers, and More

The Council’s power committee met recently to hear about energy trends for plug-in electric vehicles, data centers, utility-scale solar energy, and combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plants. The information will help in developing its Seventh Power Plan.

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Future Wholesale Power Prices Continue Low Trend

Relatively low wholesale power prices are forecast to continue, a result of low-cost hydopower and wind generation, flat load growth, and low natural gas prices. The Council's 20-year forecast region is used in developing its regional power plan.

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Timeline of Major Milestones