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Seventh Power Plan Update

We’re launching this newsletter to keep you informed about the plan’s development and how you can participate. Each month we’ll send news about the status of the plan, topics of interest, and upcoming meetings to encourage your involvement in shaping our energy future.

Why We Have a Regional Power Plan

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One of the Council’s primary responsibilities is to write a 20-year, least-cost power plan for the Pacific Northwest and update it at least every five years. The plan includes several key provisions, including an electricity demand forecast, electricity and natural gas price forecasts, an assessment of the amount of cost-effective energy efficiency that can be acquired over the life of the plan, and a least-cost generating resources portfolio. The plan guides BPA’s resource decision-making to meet its customers’ electricity load requirements. We're working on the Seventh Northwest Power Plan now, expected to be completed in late 2015. Read more.

Upcoming Meetings

NOV 3 : Systems Analysis Advisory Committee

NOV 4-5 : Council Meeting, Portland

NOV 7 : Demand Forecast Advisory Committee

NOV 7 : Generating Resources Utility-Scale Solar PV Discussion

NOV 13 : Conservation Resources Advisory Committee

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Estimating Energy Efficiency

A key element of the Council's power plan is its estimates of the potential for cost-effective energy efficiency. At the October meeting, Charlie Grist, manager of conservation resources, described the process and methods used to determine how much energy efficiency is available and at what cost.

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How We Assess Generation Resources

Assessing different generating resources in order to know the best options for ensuring the region's power supply is a key element of the Council's power plan. The analysis considers things like cost, construction timeline, operation and performance, and regional availability.

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Timeline of Major Milestones