Final Resource Adequacy Standard for the Northwest

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In its Fifth Power Plan, the Council recognized the importance of developing a resource adequacy framework and standard in order to avoid a repeat of the 2000-01 energy crisis. To achieve this, the Council and the Bonneville Power Administration initiated the Pacific Northwest Resource Adequacy Forum to develop a resource adequacy standard for the region. The Council will use the standard annually to assess the adequacy of the Northwest power system. The standard is also the first step in providing input to WECC for its work in assessing West-wide resource adequacy, and it is also expected that Bonneville will incorporate results of the forum’s work into the implementation of its regional dialogue policy.

On April 16, 2008, the Council unanimously adopted the forum’s recommendation for a Northwest resource adequacy standard. Council document number 2008-07 defines the metrics and thresholds that make up the adequacy standard and the set of assumptions (Appendix A) currently used for regional adequacy assessments. It also includes the Council’s previously adopted implementation plan (Appendix B) and background document (Appendix C) that contains additional information regarding the standard and how it relates to utility planning.

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