Technical Information and Data

The repository for information, links to technical documents and data used to develop the 7th plan. Includes links to spreadsheets, and other relevant information.

Data and Information Organized by Major Sections of the Plan

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Scenario Analysis and the Regional Portfolio Model

- Regional Portfolio Model – Online Access to Run A Limited Version of the Model 

- RPM ANALYSIS - Spreadsheet of data and charts -
Review Scenario Analysis Data for FINAL Version of Plan (updated 3/28/16)  

- 7th Power Plan Equilibrium Electricity Prices by Scenario

RPM Analysis Spreadsheet of data and charts from Draft Version of Plan - Supplemental data to Appendix O (8/2015)


Conservation Resources Analytics and Information:

Conservation Supply Curve Workbooks   (Updated 2/25/16)

When viewing the workbook location use pagination and the tools to the right of each file or folder to view or download:


BPA Momentum Savings Analysis

Conservation Resources Advisory Committee

Demand Response Analytics and Information:

Demand Response Supply Curve Derivation (xlsx) (2/25/16)

Navigant DR Potential Report Presentation by Greg Wikler, Navigant (presented on 2/25/15 at PNDRP)

Demand Forecast Analytics and Information:

Companion Spreadsheet for 7th Plan with Demand Forecast Data    (4/18/16)
(Regional and state level details on economic drivers, fuel prices, demand and load forecast) 

Demand Forecast Advisory Committee

Wholesale Electricity Price Forecast

Electricity Price Figures (Related to Chapter 8)  (2/25/16)

Appendix B - Price Figures and Data (2/25/16)

Retail Electricity Price and Bills Forecast Data 

Generation Resources Analytics and Information:

Generating Resource Figures (Related to Chapter 13)  (2/25/16)

Emerging Tech - Cost Estimates  (2/25/16)

Generating Resources Advisory Committee

Regulatory Compliance Issues Affecting Existing Northwest Generating Plants - Technical Support Document for Draft Seventh Plan

Resource Adequacy Analytics and Information:

Resource Adequacy Assessment for 2020/21 (May 2015)

  • "State of the System" Adequacy Report and Technical Addendum to Adequacy Assessment (May 2015)

Southwest Import Capacity report from Energy GPS (6/2014)

Resource Adequacy Advisory Committee

Natural Gas Related Analytics and Information:

Seventh Plan Natural Gas Price Forecast (XLSX)

Natural Gas Advisory Committee






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