Seventh Power Plan

Energy efficiency, demand response, and existing natural gas plants key to ensuring a reliable, low-cost, clean power supply

This Seventh Power Plan was adopted February 10, 2016.

Summary brochure

All chapters (except appendices)

  • Chapter 1: Executive Summary
  • Chapter 2: State of the System
  • Part 1: Resource Strategy and Action Plan
  • Part 2: Demand and Price Forecasts, Existing Resources, and System
  • Part 3: New Resource Potential
  • Part 4: Developing a Resource Strategy
    • Chapter 15: Analysis of Alternative Resource Strategies
    • Chapter 16: Analysis of Cost Effective Reserves and Reliability
    • Chapter 17: Model Conservation Standards and Surcharge Policy
  • Part 5: Other Plan Elements
    • Chapter 18: Coordinating with Regional Transmission Planning
    • Chapter 19: Environmental Methodology and Due Consideration for Environmental Quality and Fish and Wildlife
    • Chapter 20: Fish and Wildlife Program

All appendices (or individually)

Download spreadsheets and relevant technical data referenced in the plan

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