Comment from Showalter, Thomas E

Iam a retired science teacher . I grew up in northern Illinois in a home that was heated bt Bituminous coal. Most homes cooked on iether coal or wood fired stoves as the only gas available was propane as gas lines were accesible only in major cities like Chicago . I remember waking up on snowy mornings and how white eveything was . When we returned from school the white snow was covered with the soot from all the chimineys in the neighborhood and the air smelled of coal gas . Even then I think I was aware that somwthing was wrong . After WW II when gasoline was again available , without the need of stamps, our family took a trip to Pennsylvania.It was here that my suspician that something was wrong was confirmed . Everyone on the streets either had a handkerchief over their nose and mouth or one at the ready .The air was so fouled by the coal burning steel mills that it was difficult to believe that people could actually live there. Recalling those experiences I began in the 1960's to suggest to my students that the "CARBON ERA" IS dead . As time passed and acid rain became an issue which was easily demonstrated in class I found I had a few followers. The question I have is this . Why , with the exception that courageous man Al Gore won't someone in this world come forward and announce that the "Carbon Era" is dead !!!! T.E Showalter