Comment from Sukkau, Nicholas

To Whom It May Concern: Please initiate policy that supports Oregon's law that calls for a 75-percent cut in 1990’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To do this, we must completely eliminate our regional power dependence on any fossil fuel based sources, i.e. coal, oil, etc.... Please enact policy that will chart a course for a future that drastically reduces and ultimately eliminates greenhouse gas emissions, a goal that’s proven itself to be both economically, environmentally and socially necessary. We no longer need to be dependent on our finite and polluting fossil fuel sources to power our energy infrastructure. This is especially the case with the continual breakthroughs and development of renewable power technologies that promise to provide an abundant and secure power grid with little or no pollution to our pristine Pacific Northwest Bio-region. Simply put, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s respectable draft could become a great plan! It can build on its already-solid foundation of efficient and clean energy, while building towards a low-carbon energy future that will meet the region's growing need while shrinking its impact on the environment. Respectfully, Nick Sukkau Nicholas Sukkau, LEED AP, CSBA 524 N.E. 70th Ave. Portland, OR 97213 Mobile - 541.740.8336