Comment from Ferguson, Zachory L.

Concerned Parties, There was a time and place for coal in this nations energy policy. It ended on the east coast with the nineteenth century. Too long have greedy energy companies foisted popular mythology such as "clean coal" onto the public. It is high time responsibility be taken and programs enacted to DRASTICALLY reduce our use of filthy and ancient technologies such as coal. Oregon has called for a 75% reduction in 1990 levels of greenhouse gasses. How can coal realistically be a part of attaining this goal? If end-users reduce their consumption by a compensatory factor? The PGE coal plant at Boardman is known to be a main-source contributor to destructive air pollution in the Columbia River Gorge, a national Scenic Area. Coal, while producing but 23% of regional energy, accounts for a full 87% of air pollution; how can officials continue, with any claim to a conscience, to defend the coal industry? Further, coal is not a northwestern product. It must be brought here (presumably on trains) at the expenditure of petrol fuels, thus driving down regional competitiveness in the national work market. Amend the plan. Eliminate coal. Thank you, Zachory Ferguson