Comment from Groh, Jan

I strongly believe that we can meet all of our power needs now and in the future without the Boardman Coal plant (or any coal) in the mix. We can do this through a combination of new green technologies and sources (wind, solar and weatherization), and conservation efforts. We are already shunting excess power off from the Columbia every spring when the new wind farms add too much to the surging river flows powering the dams. And PGE has dragged their feet on cleaning up Boardman for years, and will continue to. (I've been to their hearings). I'd FAR rather pay for new, clean green energy production in the form of wind and solar and conservation than put a single dime into the Boardman (or any other) coal plant to clean it up now, only to probably have to dismantle it once carbon dioxide regulations hit soon after. Please look to our future. We really can do this. It is practical. If we can send a man to the moon, we can surely do away with the need for filthy , toxic, dangerous coal based energy. Thank you for your time. Jan Groh, citizen and rate payer in SE Portland, OR