Comment from Blume, Dan

I come from North Dakota. Coal Country. Western N.D. has at least 10 coal fired electrical generating plants and many are 500 megawatts each. I am a pipefitter and have worked on most of them. ND also has the nations only coal gasification plant, converting coal to natural gas that goes into a 42 inch pipeline to Chicago. Do you know what else ND has? ND also has some of the best air in the country. How do they do it? With scrubbers. You need to have them if you want clean air. Clean up our Oregon air with scrubbers on our 1 or 2 coal generating plants. We need to keep it going because we can no longer afford not to. We need the power from those plants, wind energy is too expensive. By the way,it would take about 2,500 wind mills to generate as much power as North Dakota generates. wind is a good supplement but is a drop in the bucket and too expensive. Dan Blume Portland