Comment from Krochmal, Greg

Coal power as we know today is very dirty and contributes to a lot of negative greenhouse problems that we cannot afford to continue for us or our grand children and their grand children, it must be stopped. However, there is technology at hand that can produce clean energy (zero polution and geenhouse issues)from coal and also from much of the organic municipal waste materials our society is having problems and issues with. These problems are actualy assets when we open our eyes and see the possibilities at hand. Here is fact: There is science and technology today ready to go, make clean energy, no polution, out of coal and municipal garbage but politics and the established government/industrial "connected" establishment make it very difficult to get it commercialized. Don't blame the coal or the municipal garbage. Blame the catered, blind, political powers and blind activists that mean well but don't know all the facts..... Don't hesitate to contact me for verificaton and confirmation of what I am talking about. I have reputable, accomplished, scientists and technology experts that agree wit me. Respectfuly... Greg Krochmal Respectfuly, Greg.....I know what I am talking about and have the