Comment from Naze, Christopher

Every time that the entrenched status quo has told Americans that something cannot be done, Americans find a way to do it. When we discovered that fleurocarbons were eating a whole in the ozone, industry screamed. The people outlawed fleurocarbons in aerosol cans and lo and behold - industry found 3 different ways to provide people with a product without fleurocarbons. For decades, Detroit foisted gas-guzzlers onto the public. Aggressive new standards were imposed by the Obama administration and surprise, surprise - Detroit achieves them. Coal is not the future of the Pacific Northwest nor the nation. Get real. "Clean coal" is a pipe dream that has never been realized. Let's stop screwing around and get aggressive about the safety, health, and sustainability of future citizens of the Pacific Northwest. Renewable and clean energy is our future. We must start now.