Comment from Shawn, Susan

Thank you for focusing, in your power plan, on renewable energy, and to some extent, clean energy. I appreciate that work, and support that direction. I think we probably also need to focus way more effort on reduction of energy use overall. For example, encouraging people to limit the number of electrical appliances, such as toothbrushes, curling irons, and such. I'm over 65 and I can remember a time when we didn't have all these electrical items and everyone got along just fine. My main concern is the lack of attention on the use of coal for Oregon. I understand that the coal fired plants are creating 85% of the pollution in the state. It seems to me that either we need to shut these plants down, or at the very least, require the owners to install the type of filters and what not that would eliminate that pollution. Children are very impacted by this pollution, as well as the environment. I'm thinking about the pollution in the Gorge: in effect, the dirty coal plants are creating a situation that could negatively impact the health of our communities as well as the economic health of our communities. Who will come to see the Gorge when you can't see it?