Comment from Riener, Lisa

Hello Mark Walker: Northwest Power and Conservation Council, Many people have attended the public hearings on the draft Sixth Northwest Power and Conservation Plan. I support the region’s official power planning agency’s call to meet most new electric demand over the next 20 years with new clean energy. I noticed the draft plan’s failure to address the need to cut the power system’s global-warming emissions, GHG. The draft goes beyond all previous plans in foreseeing no increase in the system’s climate pollution. As I understand it, the task now is to reduce those GHG emissions. Many communities have reminded the Council of its own studies, which show the regional power system cannot possibly make significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions without closing the dirty coal plants responsible for nearly 90% of the climate pollution. We need to direct our focus on renewable energy! We need to stop the coal plants from destroying our planet with GHG emissions. Please listen to us, we care about the future of this planet. Thanks, Lisa Riener Taholah, Wa