Comment from Kohout, Carolynn

"The system needs to build their own wind mills/wind machines like those that were put to use in CA. It is important to reconfigure our power sourcing to put in place alternate ways of energy using the resources which we already have here in Oregon/Northwest in the form of water, air and the ocean. We also need to have increased wind use in our energy plan. Ocean technology needs to be developed and put to use and integrated into the energy usage system. The use of water power requires making fish spawning happen at their natural rates, or at least rates that are closer to those before the dams were built. We need to budget research money for ocean energy conversion to electrical energy with funds that were designated to pay for federal carbon charges. It is not OK to have no filters on CO2 polluting sources and it is also just as important to stop the polluting at the source or the root of the problem, rather than to let the situation magnify by ignoring it. Since every human being is the same as every other human being in the world, where there are coal power plants, there need to be filters NOW! This is only a temporary adjustment, not a fix to the CO2 emission problem." thank you.