Comment from Kincaid, Lois

I have perhaps a unique perspective on pollution in Oregon. Last Wednesday I was with my hiking group at Cloud Cap, 7000' or more elevation, on the east side of the Mt. Hood. We could see many of the Cascade peaks, including Mt. Ranier, very clearly, but what we couldn't see was the ground. A thick pink layer of smog, not unlike that hovering over L.A., blanketed everything but the peaks that poked through it. The big difference between Central Oregon and L.A., is of course, that Southern California has some 20 million residents contributing to its pollution. Oregon, east of Mt. Hood, on the other hand, is one of the least populated areas of the U.S. What eastern Oregon does have, however, is the state's largest polluter at Boardman. Please do what you must, including raising our rates, to stop this coal-burning travesty. Oregonians are willing to do the right thing for the future of the planet. Let us do it.