Comment from Ellersick, Steve

Where is Dixie Lee Ray when we need her? We need an engineer, scientist leader to create a plan and implement nuclear power again in the Pacific Northwest. I see no such planning in the 6th draft, why? I think nuclear power is the only significant solution for our future. Dixie was way ahead of her time. Nuclear power can be done safely. By not seriously considering nuclear power, the 6th draft plan is not solving the problem. Come on, wake up, splash some cold water in your face, think and pray about it. Here are some other comments: - It is sad to see talk of a tax on carbon. It is difficult to believe we are creating a world where we tax humans and affect our freedom. If I think about it, I guess we tax everything else, so why not tax the air we exhale? - It is sad to see talk of removing dams and coal plants because this does not create energy we need. Work on clean coal technology. - It was good to see discussion of lighting technology. How much does lighting play in the total? Please consider efficient lighting technology like LEDs. - We are going to need more energy and use more energy as we make progress in the future, so be realistice about this growth and plan for it and celebrate it as a good future civilization. - Looks like a lot of time and effort has gone into this product. It is very professional and mostly well thought out except see above.