Comment from Korenko, Dr. Michael

I am troubled by the lack of recognition in this report of nuclear power. Hydro-electric, wind, solar and nuclear are the old green options. The dams are limited to their current capacity, solar even with the Sterling engine approach is very expensive. Wind is being implemented and is expensive and will require capital investment in transmission lines. Modular nuclear plants are commercially avialable and could be implemented in the next five years. As you are aware, Energy Northwest is seriously examining this option. NuScale Power is headquartered in the northwest and has support from their Congressional delegation. BPA stated that they need the Sixth Power plan to include this option in order to purchase the power. This power is clean and commercially competitive. How could you have ignored it? You should be aware that, behind the scenes,the plan is being labeled as a politically biased technology assessment that is five years out of touch with the true political will of the voting northwest public. How could you have ignored modular nuclear power? Economic analysis is available through Energy Northwest and NuScale Power if you were actually interested in asssessing this option.