Comment from Douglas, Joan

We need to put saving the salmon/steehead from extinction as a top priority. I would pay more for power if we removed dams to support this desire; even during these tough economic times. This fish is an icon of the Pacific Northwest, but it is so much more, and it is irresponsible to continue to use huge dams and let the fish suffer the consequences. Look at the Columbia river Chinook: almost gone and orca's are down in numbers and the spring chinook was their biggest food source. Tribal, Commercial, and Recreational groups all seem to agree that we have to make tough choices, sacrifices, for the sucess of the species. We need to make up for the dumb things we've done in the name of cheap power. I grew up in the late 60's/70's, fishing with my Dad for fun and for putting food on the table, and i also fished commercially in the 80's, for profit. Nowadays i'm a volunteer WSU Snohomish County BeachWatcher, and i've volunteered almost 500 hours since we began here in my area in 2006. Projects i work on help preserve and protect the fragile ecosystem that is Puget Sound, or the Salish Sea, and i hope i can give back to what i've taken from. Shall we all do that? Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Joan Douglas