Comment from Gamba, Mark

Greetings, Unfortunately I will be unable to attend your hearing in Seattle. It is very important to me that as you look to the future you are very clear on the critical issues. As a race, a nation and a region it is of the utmost importance that we address global climate change NOW. You are in the unique position of actually being able to make a big difference. We MUST reduce our CO2 levels to 350ppm from the current 390 and worsening. In order to do that, we not only need to stop creating new energy sources that have a high CO2 output we must quickly begin replacing the dirty coal plants with clean energy sources. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL OR ARGUABLE. We do it or we, as a species, die. You must set in motion an aggressive action to begin replacing the current coal plants with solar, wind, tidal and other clean energy sources, you must do so at an increasing rate in order to supply the necessary electricity to fuel electric transportation systems of the near future. Do not be swayed by the big money folks supporting dirty energy. Stand fast and do what is right. Thank you.