Comment from Smith, Robert D.

I live in a small city by a river that has overflowed its banks twice in two years for the first time in a half century. The cause was torrential rains so great that the dam created to control them was not up to the task. There are many explanations as to why Pacific, Washington, was flooded, but ultimately, floods depend on water. Without that, there is no flood. I believe the water that poured through out town was brought here through carbon-created climate change. Our civilization has grown on the basis of the use of energy without consequences. Pursuing this policy could lead to the decline of our civilization as well as the diversity of species on which mankind depends. We need to creatively reduce our reliance on carbon-emitting energy courses with the same grit and determination that we demonstrated to fight World War II and operate the Apollo program. There is a claim, somewhat controversial, that the Roman Empire's decline was partly due to lead-lined goblets used by people who didn't understand the connection between lead and mental deficiency. While the story may or may not be accurate, it illustrates how strategically important a seemingly insignificant development such as increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be. Please ensure that the power plan embraces non-polluting energy to the greatest extent possible. Yes, there may be economic consequences, but if we don't pay for this now, we will play much more dearly later. Sincerely, Robert Smith Pacific, WA