Comment from Norsen, Bob

We lived in Seattle the prior 51 years, until last year. We are still affected by what Seattle does to our ecology. Seattle is in a unique area where suitable GEOTHERMAL heat energy is available in unlimited amount close to the surface. All coal burning could be eliminated with the heat avilable near Mt St Helens. This would put the power source near the main markets for energy west of the Cascades. Mt St Helens offers as much energy as the Columbia river with far less cost. Less cost than nuclear. No future fuel to buy or waste to dispose of. The company developing volcanic heat for power in Hawaii is available to offer advice and firm bids for energy from Mt St Helens. Seattle can set excellent leadership that can benefit the entire nation. Geothermal energy is generally available near every major power market of the world. Steady reliable energy, 24-7-365 - as close to forever as energy gets. GO FOR IT ! Bob Norsen