Comment from Riener, Lisa

Comments regarding the Draft 6th Power Plan: Thank you for taking these comments. As a Region, we must preserve and expand the 6th Power Plan draft. We must push for the plan’s clean energy targets. What are they? How can we make them stronger? We must convince the Council to include the missing studies in the final document. Where are they? Why have they not been addressed? For our Region, we must signal that it’s time to end our dependence on dirty coal. Can we do this? Do we really care about CO2 and global climate change? Yes! We have plenty of clean energy resources to meet growing energy needs, wind, solar==let us use clean energy (Not nuclear!). Let us invest in these alternatives (not give billions to the nuclear power plant people). We must work to save endangered salmon! Why does no one care about our fish? Why does no one care about the future of Mother Earth? We must phase out coal. We can do this. We can stop dirty coal, while creating good jobs that will boost our economic recovery: green jobs. Please, Council, push us toward a better energy future!