Comment from Partridge, Dixie & Jerry

As energy demands and costs have gone up consistently, one of our biggest concerns is that in the effort to encourage and increase conservation in the use of less energy, the "powers that be" would come up with "incentives" or even "requirements" about reducing our energy use in our homes. We have for years and years, before it was even fashionable, been doing our best to conserve energy. Our thermostat is set at 65 in winter, and at 76 in the summer. We have storm windows or double panes on our house. Our heating/cooling system is a heat pump. We use flourescent bulbs in areas where they truly would be more efficient. We recycle a great deal. We turn of appliances and lights when not in use. We use low watt bulbs wherever possible, and energy efficient water heater. If some plan is put into effect to reward people for reducing their average kilowatt usage, this would punish those of us who already have conserved to the utmost. Lowering our thermostat in winter, for example, isn't an option anymore, as already we keep it at 65 or below, and we are aging now, and our circulation doesn't warm us as efficiently as it used to. Whatever is done to encourage conservation, please consider respecting those of us who have been conservationists before it was the politically correct way to be. Please avoid programs that reward people who have been extravagant with energy and now will make minor sacrifices; please do not fail to give due consideration to those of who have NOT been extravagant with energy. Dixie & Jerry Partridge