Comment from Davis, Albert

Mr. Walker: I do not want to see enforced conservation as has occurred in certain other states. While developing better energy efficient devices for heating and cooling is very desired, the public price never lets one realize the worth in the devices. I worked for the WWPPSS for 11 years at WNP-2 and realized the cost benefits of a large nuclear plant. I am surprised BPA has not opted to build the next generation plant(s) while the plant sites are still acceptable. Yes, waterpower is an important source and should not be sacrificed because of inept decisions about fishing rights by certain groups. The wind power turbines will never pay for themselves without great donations (that are not talked about openly). I think we need to hear all the facts and figures before any draft plan is finalized. No scaled rate charges for residential users. All rate charges need to be avaliable for all businesses to be able to make intelltigent choices before any draft plans are submitted. Let me know where to access this data. Thank you.