Comment from Bitner, Patricia

I was present at the public hearing held in Eugene Oregon on September 28. I would like to make the following comments regarding the Sixth Power Plan. Many comments on September 28 reflected concern about the pollultion the Boardman coal fired power plant emits. I agree that we should phase out coal fired power not only in the Northwest but all over the United States. The Council's plan to obtain most of the reduction in carbon emissions necessary can be obtained from increased energy efficiency. The removal of the four Snake River dams is necessary for the survival of our salmon population. The power being generated by these dams will not be needed under the Council's plan to obtain the necessary energy from other renewable sources. The objections of the agricultural and shipping industries must not be allowed to overturn plans to open the Snake to spawning salmon runs as was historically possible. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Patricia Bitner Conservation Chair Obsidians Outdoor Club Eugene, Oregon