Comment from Trolinger, Charlotte

Conservation and renewable energy sources are at a developmental stage whereby it’s feasible for us to meet the energy challenges of the next 20 years as we MUST if we want our children’s children to have a habitable world. The Council is to be applauded for a plan which projects no new fossil fuel-powered plants in the next 20 years, with cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy providing a surplus of generation compared to demand. But the draft 6th Northwest Power and Conservation Plan must go beyond the current recommendations. The Council’s staff has done an admirable job of analyzing crucial issues. The Council has the information it needs to draft a plan which can take us where we need to go. We must dramatically reduce CO2 and other emissions. We must remove coal-fired and other carbon power sources, not just refrain from adding more. We have the ability to accomplish this, as the council’s own staff analysis shows. Increasing energy efficiency and emphasizing development of renewable sources will also strengthen the economy and develop green jobs while simultaneously reducing CO2. According to the best climate science, not only is the current level of 390 ppm of CO2 already well beyond the recommended level of 350 ppm (some scientists say a still lower level is needed), but the current level measured is the result of our output from about fifty years ago. A HUGE reduction in CO2 emissions is necessary if we’re to have any chance of reversing the process we’ve set in motion. The staff's analysis also indicates that removing the four fish-killer lower Snake River dams is quite doable, with only about 500 MW of new resources needed to replace them. These removals would be major elements for restoring salmon and would increase individual ratepayers' bills by only 2 – 3.6%. I’m willing to pay that much for salmon I’m not eating. The new resources can easily be supplied by renewables, too. The draft plan should be treated as just that – a draft. Now, please, let’s get real! Thank you.