Comment from Dave Krick/Greenworks Idaho/Sustainable Community Connections of Idaho

Northwest Power & Conservation Council: Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback on the 6th Power Plan. Things being normal, this plan is aggressive if not historic as compared to previous regional power plans. Unfortunately, our way of life is at risk and our region, our country and our world are demanding a new era regarding our relationship with our environment. Our region will respond to these changing demands or we will suffer economically and socially because we failed to respond. You have the opportunity if not moral responsibility to lead our region by aggressively promoting conservation and expanding clean renewables while at the same time reducing and eliminating our sources of energy that create social and environmental instability. A few of my specific concerns with the plan are: • The draft plan does nothing to actually reduce the region’s CO2; it fails to address the necessity of shedding our current coal-fired power. • The Plan fails to establish a CO2 price that utilities should use for planning and operating their systems. This disregards the damage caused by continued emissions. • The 5-year Action Plan portion of the draft features reduced conservation targets – 1,200 average megawatts rather than the proportional amount of 1,450 aMW that would save the region the most money and create the most jobs. • The Council says it might have to lower the conservation target due to uncertainty about new technologies, economic conditions, etc. Instead of telling utilities it’s OK to keep relying on dirty coal plants, the Council should chart a course to a carbon-free future based on more fully developing our energy efficiency and renewable energy resources. A mid-term review is a good idea for judging progress, calling lagging efforts to task and sharing ideas on what is and is not working. It cannot become an out for utilities that fail to meet their shares of the Council’s reasonable and quite achievable targets. Conservation and renewable energy goals must be aggressive, they must be measured, and utilities need accountability to these goals. Our region is ready for our energy leaders to promote the only sensible future for our regions energy needs, aggressive conservation goals and expansion of clean renewable energy. The 6th Power Plan is our roadmap for this future and all of us are counting on your bold leadership. Thank you for this historic effort and please consider opportunities to make it a stronger document, we need more. Dave Krick Bittercreek/Red Feather Restaurants Greenworks Idaho/Sustainable Community Connections of Idaho