Comment from Stewart, Lon

I support your efforts to increase the Northwest’s available energy through energy efficiency/conservation measures and renewable energy technologies. The Plan could be more forward thinking by requiring 1450 MW of conservation in the 5 year action plan than the proposed 1200 MW proposed. I also support your efforts to move away from any future fossil fuel power generating facilities. However, the Plan is conspicuously quiet on removing any existing coal burning facilities. Coal burning facilities need to be removed from our power grid if we are to have a reduction in green house gas emissions. An increase in energy conservation and renewables will stabilize our current level of greenhouse gas emissions, but current operating facilities need to be taken out of service to actually reduce these levels. The Plan should address the removal of current coal burning facilities. The Northwest has a high percentage of hydroelectric power generation. The invasion of the fast moving Quagga and Zebra mussels into the west has not been accounted for in the 6th Draft Plan. Maintenance on hydroelectric generating plants will increase exponentially once these mussels become established, so much so that some facilities may not be economical to operate. The final version of the Plan should address the prospect of maintenance against mussel invasion. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Plan. I look forward to the final version. Respectfully submitted, Lon Stewart