Comment from Hiestand, Kathryn

Dear Northwest Power and Conservation Council, I am writing to you as a person concerned for the future of clean air and water. As guidelines are made that launch our decisions for energy sources and use into the future, I think that the highest priority should focus on conservation and energy efficiency to minimize impact on our natural resources. To this end, I would hope to see a concerted effort to incorporate solar power--in its many forms--into any energy equation. As photovoltaic panels become more cost effective, I encourage their use as much as possible. To focus on conservation and energy efficiency, I would hope that CO2 emissions can be decreased and that goals should be set for such decreases of these CO2 emissions. In that line of thinking, I encourage that coal fired power plants are phased out. Not only do these add to CO2 emissions, but the use of coal mars (to put it lightly) the landscape and uses an inordinate amount of water. There is much to consider when forming a new plan, but of utmost importance is the health of our planet. I urge you to keep this in the forefront for any final plan. Sincerely, Kathryn Hiestand