Comment from Donofrio, Mac

Preserves strong energy efficiency and renewable energy targets Sets goals to reduce CO2 emissions in the region—three states in the region have already done this Phases out coal-fired power plants Accounts for the future cost of carbon dioxide emissions by including a baseline price estimate for carbon Send E-mail comments to: Dear Comment Reviewers, Please include my comment in the official record. I feel that the big transmission lines proposed need to buried in many cases. Where environmental and or viewshed issues dictate the lines should go underground and this should be included in your final plan. Also included should be a commitment to high energy efficiency and idealistic renewable energy targets. Make sure the plan sets goals to reduce CO2 emmisions in the region, apparently three state have succeeded at this. The plan needs to state the clear intent to phase out coal fired plants. Also the plan need to include a baseline cost estimate for carbon. Thank you. Mac Donofrio