Comment from Pierce, Wilbur

As a citizen of Washington, I'm not an expert on how to solve the complex power planning issues we face. However, I would like to make my voice heard in what I feel the plan needs to accomplish (beyond providing energy at a reasonable price) and some acceptable means of achieving these goals: 1) Must lead the nation in greenhouse gas emissions reduction 2) Must allow wild salmon populations in the Columbia system to recover to at least 25% of their pre-settlement levels over the next 50 years Acceptable means: 1) Increased energy conservation and renewable energy production 2) Draw downs (as these have shown signs of being effective) 3) Nuclear energy production if waste issues are dealt with responsibly 4) Use of technology to reduce the impact of dams on salmon 5) Habitat improvement 6) Dam removal 7) Increased power rates to pay for the others I also feel it is a waste to put millions more into salmon recovery efforts that are not likely to accomplish 2). We have reached the point where we need to either do what is necessary or publicly write off Columbia salmon for good, pay reparations to the tribes, and focus our efforts on other river systems. Thank you. - Bill Pierce