Comment from Legry, John

We can’t afford the fiction of “clean” coal anymore. Coal is dirty. It cannot be cleaned within the foreseeable future by any known technology - all lies, wishful thinking and futuristic theory certainly not withstanding. We will kill all life as we know it on this planet if we do not reduce our current rate of carbon emissions. Trust the science, not the propaganda spin of the coal merchants. Time is running out for human survival on this earth – and if not this one, which one? Coal burning accelerates our suicide. Earth is in the midst of its Sixth Great Species Extinction. Do we want to go the way of the dinosaurs? Do we want to watch our sons and daughters, grandchildren, spouse, friends or ourselves die in our own waste and secondhand smoke? Stop coal energy production at once. Follow Communist China’s worldwide lead and start mass development of alternative clean energy resources today: wind, water, solar. Protect life from lack of vision, or selfish greed. Stop coal energy production and use in Oregon. We have to change our basic assumptions if we are going to cope with this. Bite the bullet: stop it now. Coal is fuel for dead men on a dead planet.