Comment from Morris, Arvia

The 6th power plan for the Northwest seems comprehensive in that is discusses the human energy needs of the region in the context of the need to reduce greeen house gas emmissions and restore habitat for wildlife. It seems that much greater reductions in energy demand though energy efficiency could be achieved with more emphasis on renewable energy and improved energy efficiency than stated in the plan. In our home we are able to generate about 80% of our annual electric needs with solar pannels. We have reduced our natural gas use by about half wiht improved insulation and turning down the thermostat. We could potentially reduce our use of gasoline by about 30% with a hybrid car. Taken together our family of three has reduced our carbon foot print by about 50-60%. It seems we should be able to do similar on a regional level with greater use of housing codes, incentives for renewable energy and development which encourages less driving. I think the regional plan should have more aggressive goals in reducing demand via the measures stated above. Thank you for considering my view. Sincerely, Arvia Morris Seattle, Wa.