Comment from Riley, Erin

I'm writing to implore you to consider removing the lower Snake River dams in an effort to increase green energy replacements and help in with wild salmon recovery. The salmon are dying in the Columbia/Snake river system and I believe that we as Northwesterners and Americans will be very sorry when they're gone and replaced only by cloned unnatural salmon and steelhead. There are many opportunities being missed by having a natural and wild Snake river. Namely, fishing and whitewater opportunities that will boost the area's economy. Currently hardly anyone even works at these dams and they are disintegrating. A wild salmon and steelhead run would provide jobs for lodging, fishing guides and services and a general slew of other facilities that people need when they come to stay in a rural place. Please remove these dams and consider salmon and steelhead recovery in this new plan. Thanks so much, Erin Riley RN, river guide