Comment from Rollins, Eldon

I have heard a few lame-witted arguments implying that alternative energy would not be reliable enough to rely on. There is just barely enough validity to some to lend false credence to the whole. Some of them were repeated at the recent public hearing the council held in N.W. Portland recently. One is especially grating. It goes something like this...."Solar is unreliable because it only produces power in the daytime, and the amount of power is too variable. Wind energy is unreliable because it produces more power at night, during off-peak hours. Therefore, we must continue to use fossil fuel plants as our primary power source, and supplement it with alternative energy when needed, and must store energy in big expensive batteries or some other form of energy storage device. Well, I have a better idea, use wind and solar and other alternative resources as primaries, continuing to build as necessary, using the power immediately, without storing it, (and subsequently losing much of it through conversion), THEN: Turn on the fossil fuel plants when absolutely necessary.