Comment from Wood, John

I was up in the hills above Dufur, Oregon today. I could see every detail on Mt Hood clearly. It is about 15 miles west. I could see Mt Adams clearly about 60 miles north, and behind it was Mt Rainier, really small but really clear. Looking towards the south I could see hills for about 75 miles. Looking east, I could see almost nothing because of the smoke, smog, and soot from our largest single source polluter, the coal burners at Boardman. The coal industry has no business sitting at the table any more. We need to embrace clean energy (which cannot be generated by burning coal), and the use of less energy. NO MORE COAL. TURN OFF THE COAL BURNERS. They are a threat to human survival, and all so humans can watch television with the air conditioning turned up. Not worth it, especially when we could have used solar panels to rescue our otherwise Chinese owned economy.