Comment from Hausrath, Alan

Dear Northwest Power and Conservation Council, I'm writing to comment on the Draft Sixth Power Plan. First off, thank you very much for producing a forward looking, conservation and energy efficiency oriented plan. I strongly support the plan's moving away from any new fossil fuel production. I also support the move to energy efficiency and renewable energy as the resources of first choice in the region. I think that the Northwest can be a model for the country as a whole if we use energy efficiency and conservation to "generate" the energy needed for the region's projected growth. It is commendable that the draft plan would lead to stabilization of greenhouse gas emissions by our region. However, it should go further and actually reduce current emissions by requiring 1,450 average megawatts of conservatgion in the five year action plan instead of 1,200 average megawatts. Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Alan Hausrath