Comment from Fleisher, Marc

Thank you for the opportunity to provide my input on the 6th Power Plan. It's OK as far as it goes but it could be immeasurably strengthened by a greater emphasis on what is good for salmon, on the one hand, and on lessening carbon pollution (particularly from coal-fired plants), on the other. Specifically, the Paln could do much more to increase energy conservation. It is far too modest in respect to both these issues. The Plan needs to prepare for the removal of the Snake River dams. They are going to come out eventually and the Plan needs to plan for that. With the dams gone, salmon can recover. The Plan must see that salmon are not just for the Indians; they are a symbol of the health of the Northwest and of the nation. When salmon species (or any species) go extinct something good dies in each and every one of us. I don't want my daughter's generation, or her daughter's, to be the last. The Plan is a good start. Please strengthen it to emphasize the need for salmon and for an end to dirty technology. That is the past. Let's go forward by, perhaps paradoxically, restoring the land to its former glory. By learning to tread lightly. Thank you