Comment from Uphill, Thomas R.

I understand the issues with power generated coal. I do know that a more holistic view of coal is necessary. High qualitity coking coal at least for the short term is necessary of the production of steel. High quality coal is available that has a much lower immitance than many of the caols used today. To sell a issue it is important to identify the scope of the problem. Doing this will allow the supporters of a cause to really understand how important it is to support the cause. The real cause in this case is that energy production is expensive and one cause transfers the cost to another cause. The true facts are just now being discussed about the transmition cost of getting wind power into production. California is now beginning to understand that utility transfer opens up the whole issue of land use, land rights, and the needs of the majority. We in Oregon are just now opening up this chapter on energy. Lots of wind but not efficient energy transfer system yet set up. Looking at only one party of the energy issue will not help find a solution for the fact that the Pacific Northwest will need more (clean) energy in the future. Regards Tom Uphill