Comment from Schreiber, James

I have spent 45 years, as a field service engineer, in and around all forms of heavy industry in the United States and the world. I have seen first hand the good, the bad and the ugly of them all. I support the use of natural resouces for power generation if, and it's a big if, environmental requuirements are strict enough and enforced. Coal can be clean! If, and here it is, if the power generating operations are required to include the latest polution technologies, both air and water, in design and implementation of new facilities. Retrofit of existing plants can be done, albeit at a higher cost, if the improvements are cost effective. If the return on investment isn't there, the alternatives are build new or shut down. The technology is available to bring the CO2 levels down to the best standards, reasonable standards. Baghouses, scrubbers, calciners and other polution control devices are there; power companies just need to invest from profits and dividends to make it happen. At the extractment level, the laws are there, mostly strong enough, they just need rigerous enforcement by the government. We need the natural resources, biomass, coal, natural gas, etc., to keep us in the race for industrial production, jobs and a viable trade balance with the rest of the world. Respectfully Submitted Jim Schreiber