Comment from Christensen, Ann

Thank you for this opportunity to comment on Draft Sixth Power Plan. You are moving in the right direction by using conservation and renewables and phasing out coal plants. I urge you to go further. As the North West grows we need to depend much more on conservation. It is the cheapest and easiest way to cut back on our carbon footprint. An increase in the production of wind power is certainly available and doable in our area. Please check out what Denmark has accomplished in a very short time. It is time to remove the four lower Snake River dams. They produce very little energy and mostly in the spring when it is not needed. The money that is being thrown away on salmon recovery methods that are not working must be moved to renewables and conservation. The salmon are losing ground every year that the dams remain in place. This is unconscionable. We can not allow this incredible resource to be destroyed by foot dragging on dam removal.