Comment from Shurgot, Michael W.

Dear NPCC: I have been active in environmental work for The Mountaineers and the Sierra Club for over 25 years in the Seattle area. Among the many issues I have worked on are expansion and protection of our national parks, especially Olympic and North Cascades, and I now see the issue of wild salmon survival as equally critical to the work I have done in the past. There is no longer any excuse to cling to the ridiculous Bush-era plan, which wanted federal agencies to believe that rivers were born with dams impeding their flow. We must move on towards the goal set by President Obama in his inaugural address: restoring science to its rightful place in the decision making proccesses of all federal agencies. Please accept the obvious fact that the four lower Snake River dams must be removed, and get on with this necessary and economically and environmentally beneficial decision. Regards, Michael W. Shurgot