Comment from Stempf, Debbie

My whole family and my grandparents before our generation enjoyed the outdoors with clean water and air. This enjoyment includes the animals and fish inherent in the system. We need to have these opportunities left to our children and grandchildren. It is our American way of life. It is our heritage. Our heritage is not only to build and develop but to be part of the natural world. We have gotten away with much in the way of waste but now is the time to begin regulating our power usage. During the war, for example, we had the public will to blacken our homes at night. Yes, out of fear but we were able to live through that time. Today we burn electricity needlessly; perhaps out of fear once again. Simply take a tour through our countryside at night and you will get the idea. We can do without the dams on the Snake River and restore our salmon run. Trains can carry the goods currently barged down the river. Can you imagine a world without our salmon showing their fight as they make their way hundreds of miles upstream? Please restore our native habitat for all to enjoy into the future. Sincerely, Debbie Stempf