Comment from Horn, Darryl

Firstly thank you all for your efforts on behalf of myself, my family, and Oregon. I find it inspiring the task you have taken up and faced and will overcome. I pledge my support and want you to know and believe that. You have made great strides but the battle has ground still to cover. I will not presume to know all the facts and variables that you must balance but trust in your knowledge and instinct in knowing what must ultimately be done to start improvements.I believe you know what is right and must happen and ask you continue to strive for that.I am willing and want to make sacrifices for the good of us all........and I think there are many others who believe and understand that. We have grown and we are all wiser then before lets not let that knowledge go to waste lets push for the changes we know must come about. The sooner the better. I am ready...... we are ready. Thank you so much fellow Oregonian for your time and attention to my thoughts and feeling on the matter. Sincerely Darryl Horn