Comment from Susan, Bennett

Did the coal plant emissions cause my cancer or my neighbors breast cancer? How about my friends child's birth defect? Maybe. It's possible, even probable or likely, who can be certain? What science shows since the 19th century, what we do know NOW is that yes Coal's (toxic- cancer causing) pollutants exist - in fact, it permeates every stage from extraction to final consumer delivery of this life killing energy source - top to bottom - ground to air and everything in between. All stages offer more negatives than positives for our people and our nation. A 21st century solution must be our future - solar, wind, geo-thermal, tidal - Coal's no longer the answer. Why should any business in America have the right to profit or even exist when it's product, it's method of creating said product, and it's by-products from production to delivery of said product has been shown or proven over and over again to KILL the very work force to consumer chain it claims to nobly serve? Aside from the fact that there is no Constitutional Rights for companies: no Rights to Profit, no Rights to Pollute for any reason but especially to gain Profit. No Rights to Life for Companies, no (Constitutional Right) to Liberty for Companies, no (Constitutional Right) to Happiness for Companies, yet many companies & industries such as 19th century energy solutions such as Coal operate as if they were entitled to the exact We The People's Constitutionally Protected Rights, some even believing "their" imagined rights must trump the American Citizen, after all making money by killing people is a free market principle - free to kill or engage in any behavior for good or ill so long as they make a buck. Free market means different things to different people: defined broadly, it means (for criminals) monopoly power is king, anything goes, just don't get caught is the philosophy, and no allegiance to country, to law and order, to peace and justice only to Money. People are expendable, profits are not. America is for Americans. Americans are for democratic not kingly rule. We are for law, order, fairness, justice, peace and equality. No American is for poison, pollution, greed, wild west justice, war and indentured servitude for the many by the few. Coal is no long king. Clean energy ruled by solar, wind, geothermal, tidal and others less toxic are the next democratic wave of the eco capitalist rising in America. Move, join or get out of the way - Cancer is not a right.