Comment from Saletta, Antoinette

The proposal from the Northwest Power and Conservation Council indicates our region’s rising electricity demand for new clean energy will be met with impressive efficiency standards, and without building new fossil-fueled power plants or increasing emissions. However, it appears to lack plans to reduce the use of coal, and coal emmissions. Coal, a finite resourse, has been scientifically proven to have contributed to current global warming. A Plan to reduce/eliminate the use of coal/coal emmissions must be added to the proposal. Oregon of the 1970's was seen as a leader in conservation, and a bit of a rogue, when recycling was introduced. I remember my aunt and uncle from Eugene purchasing solar panels for their home. It was a little scary for them, and quite expensive, to install the solar panels in a state that rains - a lot. Yet, it was worth it! They recouped their investment in less than 5 years. More importantly, they could breath easier. Literally. Let's make Oregon a leader once again. Add aggressive coal/emmissions use/reduction standards to the proposal. Oregonians will step up to make it work. For our children's future.