Comment from Chapman, Ted

I will make this brief and simple: Oregon's energy future should involve the cleanest energy sources possible (as should the nation's and the world's). Obviously, the elimination of poluting types of energy will take time, but it is in the best interest of this planet and all of its inhabitants to strive for non-fossil types of fuels for our future energy needs. Although the process of deriving energy from coal may be substantially cleaner now than it has been in the past, it is still a carbon-based fossil fuel. We should be focusing our attentiona and resources on the development of other (cleaner) alternative forms of energy. We should invest our efforts in developing sources of energy that will have a minimal (or even positive) impact on our environment. We should not continue to build shinier versions of a carbon-based fossil fuel system that further damages our planet and is not in line with our objective of a clean energy future -- and an inhabitable environment.