Conservation Resources Advisory Committee Meeting

March 12, 2009


9:30am Welcome and Introductions (Tom Eckman)
>> Presentation 
Role of the Committee in the 6th Plan's Development
Proposed 6th Plan Work Plan and Schedule
10:00am Conservation Cost-Effectiveness (Eckman)
>> Presentation 

 Should the Council modify its cost-effectiveness methodology?

  • How the Council evaluates resource cost-effectiveness
  • Northwest Energy Efficiency Taskforce (NEET) recommendation
    • Bundling: measure vs. building vs. program vs. portfolio
    • Treatment of non-energy benefits
 Communicating how cost-effectiveness is determined
  • NEET recommendation
  • Prepare and distribute: "Cost-Effectiveness for Dummies"
1:15pm Constraints on Conservation Acceleration and Sustained Annual Acquisition Levels (Charles Grist)
>> Presentation 

 What "ramp rates" should be assumed for maximum achievable market penetration during the next five years?

  • 5th Plan assumptions
  • Proposed assumptions for 6th Plan
 What should be assumed as the maximum achievable market penetration over the entire planning period (20 years)?
  • 5th Plan assumptions
  • Proposed assumptions for 6th Plan
3:30pm Adjourn
Background Materials:
>> NEET Workgroup 6 Recommendations on Cost-Effectiveness
>> California Standard Practices Manual for Cost-Effectiveness
>> Misconceptions, Mistakes, and Misnomers in DSM Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
>> Council Issue Paper on Conservation Cost-Effectiveness
>> Council Issue Paper on Achievable Potential

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